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WILD COSMOS ® has established with 9 signature fabrics as following. 
1. Plissé Satin:
Plissé Satin is a sumptuous fabric known for its smooth and glossy surface, distinguished by delicate, permanent pleats running vertically. Crafted from high-quality fine gauge yarn, a weave renowned for its lustrous and shiny finish, this fabric is a true luxury. Its unique pleating is achieved through a specialized heat-setting process, ensuring that the pleats maintain their form and do not unravel with time. Additionally, Plissé Satin has a remarkable ability to showcase vibrant and radiant colors, enhancing its overall allure.
2. Matte Plissé
Matte Plissé has more smooth and bigger pleated texture than Plissé Satin. With its matte finish, it exudes a clean, contemporary aesthetic, making it an exceptional choice for everyday wear items like pants and skirts. This fabric's understated elegance and versatility have the power to elevate any garment, turning it into a luxurious masterpiece of style and comfort.


3. Double Knit Plissé:

This fabric has intricate knitting structures with fine gauge yarn counts, which makes the fabric more plush, soft, warm, and comfortable to wear. The pleats of Double Knit Plissé are more regular and the pleats has warmer hands than the other fabrics. This fabric is perfect for creating cozy and stylish wear for cooler climate wear, such as coats, jackets, and pants.
4. Crystal Pleats:
Crystal Pleats is a fabric that is similar to Plissé Satin, with its luxurious sheen, but has a much smaller pleated texture overall, making it more suitable for holding delicate embroideries and embellishments. The pleats are more tightly packed together, which results in a bouncier fabric that creates a unique drape. 
5. Stretch Jacquard
Stretch Jacquard is a versatile and durable fabric with a distinctive textured pattern that adds depth and visual interest. It has a comfortable stretch and recovery, making it perfect for form-fitting and body-skimming silhouettes. The intricate jacquard pattern is created using a special knitting and heart press technique that results in three-dimensional surface. 
6. 3D Honeycomb 
Discover our bestselling 3D Honeycomb fabric, a luxurious fusion of modern design and tactile opulence. This special plush fabric showcases an intricate honeycomb pattern that dazzles with three-dimensional visual impact. Crafted for both durability and softness, it gracefully curves around any body shape without being too tight. Elevate your wardrobe with this masterpiece fabric, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your style. 
7. Micro 3D Honeycomb
The Micro 3D Honeycomb texture offers a smaller version of the regular 3D Honeycomb fabric, maintaining its soft and plush qualities. This unique texture gracefully envelops your figure, providing a beautiful contour without feeling overly tight. 
8. Crinkle Sheer 
Introducing our exquisite Crinkle Sheer fabric, a true embodiment of elegance and sophistication. This uniquely textured fabric features a delicate crinkled surface that adds depth and character to its silhouettes. The gentle undulations of the crinkle create an alluring visual effect, while also offering a breathable and lightweight feel. Perfect for special occasion, Crinkle Sheer fabric effortlessly captures the essence of contemporary chic. 
9. Pleated Vegan Leather 
Experience the epitome of luxurious sustainability with our Vegan Leather Pleated Fabric. Meticulously crafted, the Vegan leather combines the timeless allure of leather with a commitment to cruelty-free fashion. The pleated texture imparts an exquisite and captivating dimension, adding depth and sophistication to your outfit. Perfect for those who seek ethical alternatives without compromising on style, Vegan Leather Pleated Fabric exudes a radiant glow that elevates your designs to a new level of opulence.