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Free Size Heaven

Step into Free Size Heaven with Wild Cosmos!

Pleats are not just a stylish design element, but they also provide incredible stretches and flexibility in the fit. Our pleated collection is almost entirely Free Size, meaning One Size Fits All Women-ranging from XS to XL. The pleated fabrics stretch and hug any body shapes and sizes, providing freedom from traditional size limitations.

Although some garments have XS-M, M-XL sizing, we limit sizes as much as possible to support our sustainability values, reduce wastage and keep the long life cycle of our products. 

Free size clothing eliminates the need to worry about finding the perfect size or having to try on multiple items to find the right fit, which saves time and hassle. It also makes gift-giving a breeze!

Welcome to Free Size Heaven.

**We understand that Missy and Petites sizes may be desired, and we will consider adding them in the future if there is enough demand.