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Garment Care

Wild Cosmos pleated garments are all carefully crafted with you in mind. Our aim is to provide collections that seamlessly complement your lifestyle, and we hope that your Wild Cosmos garment brings you joy for many years to come. To assist you in maintaining the quality of your clothes, we have provided garment care and tip.


Helpful Tips:

  • For all Wild Cosmos pleated garments, it is recommended to either hand wash or use the gentle cycle in cold water
  • If exposed to heat, the pleated texture may disappear and result in elongation of fabrics. To preserve the texture, please avoid ironing, excessive-steaming, or dry-cleaning the fabric. It is recommended to line dry only.
  • Avoid applying perfume after dressing. The chemicals found in fragrances may penetrate the yarn and have an adverse effect on some colors.
  • If a spill occurs, please wash with mild soap immediately.
  • The application of affixed embellishments on Wild Cosmos garments is a heat-activated process. Please be extra careful when washing the embellished garment. Please use a mesh wash bag when washing in machine.
  • Pleated pants and skirts should be hung "pleat to pleat" or "sideways." Always hang pants and skirts taut on the hangers to avoid sagging at the waistband.