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Our Story



Wild Cosmos® Brand was named after a wild flower, Cosmos that is abundant in my dad’s hometown Sucheon in Korea. My father cherished hundreds of pictures of these wild flowers on his phone, often gazing at them. Curious about his admiration for Wild Cosmos, I asked him why he loved them so much. He shared his admiration for how these resilient flowers bloom with vibrant energy amidst barren and desolate lands. His pure admiration has profoundly influenced my perspective on ideal beauty, placing a greater emphasis on the inner strength, fortitude, and vitality that reside within each individual.


Wild Cosmos encapsulates the boundless essence of the universe within its very core. It possesses a delicate beauty that captivates the eye, yet beneath its surface lies an innate strength and vitality. While it may appear ordinary, it holds immeasurable preciousness and carries the potential to make a significant impact.


These profound ideas of beauty, combined with the discovery of exquisite Plissé fabrics that resemble the delicate petals of Wild Cosmos flowers, have been the driving force behind our brand's launch in 2023, in the heart of Orange County, California.


Wild Cosmos® offers an empowering collection of elegant and comfortable clothing. Our timeless designs, luxurious pleated fabrics, and vibrant colors allow women to express their individuality with confidence. We are dedicated to inspiring women to make a positive impact in their communities, instilling them with the strength to embrace their true selves.


At Wild Cosmos® , we are driven by our passion to share the stories of ordinary women with extraordinary visions and aspirations. We are committed to being your partner on your personal journey, providing support every step of the way. Together, we can inspire and make a meaningful impact in the world. Join us on this incredible journey of community and empowerment. Your presence would mean the world to us.





Larissa spent her childhood in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a world away from her home in Seoul, Korea. Being a stranger in a foreign land, Larissa discovered that art had a unique ability to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds, transcending language barriers. This realization stayed with her as she grew up and eventually inspired her to go to an art school in US (RISD) and get BFA on Textiles Design. There, she learned how to craft her thoughts and feelings into tangible form, weaving fabrics with intricate designs, knitting ideas into reality, printing emotions into existence, and dyeing hearts with color and vitality.

After graduation, Larissa set her sights on Europe, where she worked as a textile designer in an Italian print studio, traveled Paris and London, and met a wealth of talented individuals who inspired her to develop her own unique artistic vision. She later returned to the United States, continuing to expand her skill set and refine her craft as a fashion designer in various companies for 13 years. 

Larissa's passion for art and her experiences in different countries led her to embark on a new journey - starting her own fashion brand. Drawing on her expertise in textile design and her love for exploring different cultures, Larissa poured her heart and soul into creating a brand that blended her unique artistic vision with her values of inclusivity and connection. With each piece she created, Larissa aimed to bring people together and bridge the gaps between different communities. Today, she continues to inspire others with her creative spirit and unwavering dedication to building a more connected world through art and design.






At WILD COSMOS® , our company values extend beyond creating exceptional products and services. Our founder, Larissa, has a deep-rooted passion for building a community and fostering connections among customers, employees, and subcontractors. We believe that by prioritizing people and cultivating a mutually beneficial environment, we can build a brand that enables our team members to reach their full potential and grow together.


Wild Cosmos® is dedicated to delivering significant benefits to our customers through high-value products at competitive price points and personalized 1:1 shopping experiences (by appointment). Our customer-centric approach aims to make every women feel appreciated and valued throughout their journey with us. From the moment she discovers our brand to the day she receives her order, we strive to create positive and memorable experience for her.  


While we deeply respect our customers, we also hold our employees and business partners in high regard. By reinvesting our profits into these key stakeholders, we aim to foster a virtuous cycle of growth and development that benefits everyone involved, creating a healthy and positive community. Moreover, we aspire to extend our impact beyond our immediate circle of partnership and serve our neighbors and women in need of assistance. Stay tuned for updates on how our team is actively working to serve and uplift our community.


Wild Cosmos® products alone would not change the world, but the women who wear them have the power to! Our unwavering commitment to people-first values sets the foundation for everything we do and we are proud to love our people.